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Custom ERP Software for Growers, Packers, and Distributors

Innovative, comprehensive, easy to use software suite and Automation products that help you grow your crop and your business.


A complete ERP solution for Sales, Purchasing, inventory management, Traceability, Packing, Labour costing, HR, Food Safety, Asset Tracking and Preventive Maintenance, IPM - all in one place.

EASY TO USE - The system was designed with production floor workers in mind. the Intuitive interface is easy for employees to learn. By getting rid of paper and excel sheets, the system improves efficiency and effectiveness.

EASY TO IMPLEMENT - The system is modular – you can start with what you need and scale up as needed. The system is easy to customize for your operation and to integrate with your accounting software.

FULLY INTEGRATED - A transaction entered in one part of the system is immediately visible throughout the system - eliminating duplication, improving data accuracy, eliminating communication delays, and saves time.

REAL TIME DATA - All transactions are captured in real time. Data is available immediately for reporting and analysis. No more waiting days and weeks for employees to turn in paper copies or excel sheets. The data is free of any biased editing or filtering.

HARDWARE INTEGRATION - The system easily integrates with desktop label printers, automatic inline case and pallet labellers, checkweighers, pallet scales, barcode scanners, RFID system, and Vision systems.

How we can help you manage your
Farm / Orchard / Greenhouse

  • Track inputs – fertilizer, pesticides, Labour
  • Track pesticide applications
  • Crop Scouting and Pest management
  • Track crop work tasks and labour
  • Track unharvested crop inventory
  • Manage inventory of farm supplies
  • Purchase and receive Farm Supplies
  • Manage employees – onboarding, training, attendance, performance, communications
  • Ship Product to packhouse / customer
  • Link to pallet scales, barcode scanners, RFID, printers
  • Manage facilities – periodic inspections, repairs
  • Manage equipment – maintenance, breakdowns, Warranty, documentation
  • Traceability – track crop from seeding, through harvest, to Shipping
  • Record food safety documents
  • Track yield per location – path, field, greenhouse
  • Know your harvest cost per case or per KG
  • Know your growing cost per case or per kg
  • Create and compare budgets

How we can help you manage your

  • Track crop from seeding to harvest.
  • Receive product from farms and suppliers.
  • Track Raw product inventory
  • Create Packing plans from sales orders
  • Create pack runs for each grading/packing line
  • Create recipes for packed items
  • Track Packing labour for each packrun
  • Track WiP inventory and costs
  • Print PTI compliant case and Pallet labels.
  • Link to printers, scales, inline printers, PLC, scanners
  • Quality Inspections of incoming and packed product.
  • Analyse Packhouse performance - -Employees and Equipment
  • Ship Product to Distribution Facility / Customer
  • Record food safety documents
  • Traceability – PTI case labeling, pallet labeling
  • Manage employees – onboarding, training, attendance, performance,
  • Purchase and receive Packing Supplies
  • Track inputs – supplies used in each pack run
  • Manage inventory of packing supplies
  • Manage facilities – periodic inspections, Pests, repairs
  • Manage equipment – maintenance, breakdowns, warranty, documentation
  • Analyse SKU costs - including labour, supplies, overheads, overpacks etc.

How we can help you manage your
Distribution Centre

  • Purchase and Receive product
  • Track inventory across multiple locations.
  • Create Sales Orders
  • Create Pick Lists
  • Create Packing Slips / BOL
  • Record food safety documents
  • Track Warehouse labour
  • Know your Shipping cost per case or per KG
  • Manage inventory of Warehouse supplies
  • Manage facilities – periodic inspections, repairs
  • Manage equipment – maintenance, breakdowns, Warranty, documentation
  • Manage employees – onboarding, training, attendance, performance,
  • Ship Product to Customer
  • Full traceability - back to supplier and forward to customer
  • Shipping planner
  • Purchase and receive warehouse Supplies
  • Link to Case and Pallet label printers, Pallet Scales, Barcode scanners
  • Create and email invoices, export data to accounting

Custom Business Application Development.

We provide custom business application development to meet specific needs of our clients. Working with subject matter experts who have real industry experience, we develop products that fit right into your existing processes and systems. Working with your operations, IT, and accounting personnel, we customize the applications to make the implementation smooth and effective so you can start getting immediate benefits from your investment.

  • E-Commerce Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Windows Applications
  • Mobile Applications

Custom Automation equipment

Whether you need a pre – engineered conveyor system or a complete custom designed PLC controlled packing line, we have the capability to deliver reliable systems on time and on budget.

  • High speed vision-based product identification and inspection systems.
  • Modular conveyors and customized packing lines.
  • PLC controls and pneumatic devices.
  • Custom scales and filling machines.
  • Ergonomic workstation & equipment layout design.
  • Automated Print & Apply case labeling systems
  • Desktop printers
  • Barcode and RFID Scanners

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