i2i QAsure – Food Safety Checklists software

i2i QAsure food safety software takes your paper checklists and makes them accessible to users on their smartphones and tablets. User can complete checklists on time and any corrective actions can be documented immediately.

All checklists are stored and accessible using an easy to use web application. The system brings consistency and efficiency to your Food safety record keeping system and regulatory compliance easy.


Checklists tasks and frequency are easily assigned to employees and their completion can be monitored. Date and time of completion is logged and makes the process transparent. Any missed checklists are highlighted and reminders emailed.


Completed checklists are immediately available to managers for review and approval. And corrective actions needed can be assigned and emailed.


i2i QAsure food safety software makes it easy to complete checklists on time. This ensures that you will be ready for inspections and audits anytime, and the process will be transparent.


i2i QAsure food safety software reduces compliance costs by automating the recordkeeping process. The system is easy to use by frontline employees, and management overhead is reduced by automating the follow up reminders and deviation logging.