Warehouse Management System

Purchase Orders

  • Create and email purchase orders for fresh product

Raw Product Receiving

  • Receive raw product from your own farms, other growers, or vendors
  • Scan incoming bins
  • Print and apply pallet labels to incoming pallets

Pre-Packed Product Receiving

  • Receive pre-packed product from other packers or vendors
  • Print and apply case labels and pallet labels to incoming product

Grower Harvest Forecasting

  • Permit growers to enter/edit harvest forecasts on their mobile device
  • Allows Sales and Packhouse to plan sales and packing

Raw Product Inventory

  • Complete tracking and inventory of received Raw Product
  • Product consumed in packing and repacking process is removed from inventory as soon as pallets is scanned in on packing lines

Packing and Repacking

  • Create packing and repacking plans, create and execute pack runs
  • Scan in consumed product
  • Print and apply case labels and pallet labels
  • Real time view of packing plan and production
  • Automated inline clam/tray label application
  • Automated inline case label printing and application
  • Automated real-time data collection from packing line equipment

Customized Labels

  • Easily customize PTI standard case labels for different customers and standards.
  • Select from available pallet label designs or customize to your own needs


  • Complete traceback to raw product by field, Greenhouse block, harvest date, receiving date etc.
  • Complete trace forward to Lot#, Pallet tag, sales order, load# etc
  • Complete traceback to employees and equipment for each lot

Warehouse Inventory

  • Real time inventory of packed Product across multiple warehouses
  • View inventory by product, age, origin, brand

Sales and shipping

  • Create sales orders with pricing, charges, and shipping information
  • Print Pick tickets
  • Scan and stage pallets per pick ticket
  • One click ship load when staging complete
  • Easy pre-ship quality inspections
  • Print Bill of Lading

Packing Supplies usage and inventory

  • Create recipe of packing supplies required for each sku
  • Receive supplies into inventory
  • Automated supplies purchase triggers as inventory is used up
  • Supplies cost automatically added to sku cost

Sku Cost Analysis

  • Complete real time sku cost tracking with labour, supplies, and raw product
  • Track actual and average overpack per sku
  • Track yield loss per sku
  • Detailed cost and profit reports per pack run, lot#, purchase order, or sales order

ERP Connectivity

  • Export data into various files formats for direct import into your ERP system
  • Automated import/export possible with most ERP systems