Produce Traceability Software

Food Traceability is the ability to trace the movement of a food product through Growing, Harvesting, Packing, and Distribution. Each trading partner along the supply chain must be able to trace, at minimum, one step back and one step forward. Traceability is not only a legal requirement but also a requirement for most industry certifications.

The i2i Atlas Traceability system can help you:

  • Meet Government regulations.
  • Meet customer requirements and guidelines.
  • Reduce legal liability exposure by implementing good food safety and traceability systems.
  • Increase customer’s confidence in your products and processes.

The i2i Atlas Traceability system can also:

  • Improve your operational efficiencies with real time production data
  • Improve order fulfillment rate with real time inventory data.
  • Reduce product spoilage with improved raw product usage and rotation data.

i2i automates Traceability:

  • We analyse your existing processes and equipment.
  • We customize Atlas so it works with your existing processes.
  • We integrate Atlas with your existing labeling equipment.
  • We use automated cart/bin ID systems to record raw product inputs.
  • We use vision and barcode scanning systems to identify mixed cases coming from packing lines.
  • We automate the printing and application of barcode case labels on packed cases.